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    Kolektor Hlávkův most, Praha
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    Novostavba pavilonu v Nemocnici Mladá Boleslav
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    Zastřešení tribuny, sportovní areál Sletiště, Kladno
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    Rekonstrukce kulturního domu Plzeňka, Beroun
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Energie - stavební a báňská a.s.

Energie - stavební a báňská a.s. is an all-Czech building and mining company with shareholders' capital of CZK 190 million, four hundred permanent employees and current external turnover of CZK 1.2 billion. The company is active in the building market, virtually in the whole territory of the Czech Republic and builds on a more than forty-year tradition and rich experiences from a broad spectrum of executed constructions.

The current production programme of the company includes both complete and partial construction supplies, including project documentation and execution of engineering, geodetic and mine surveying activities, in the sphere of engineering, structural and underground engineering works, including reconstructions and modernisations, water, industrial, civic and housing, mining and ecological, steel and concrete-steel constructions, as well as constructions and activities within the framework of reduction and development programmes of the mining industry and power engineering.

The company also takes part in constructions of ecological character and remediation of past ecological damages in the sector of industry and environment.

One of its important competitive advantages, resulting from its character, is its focus and interconnection of activities in the field of construction and mining.

The company disposes of appropriate technical equipment for development both with the help of traditional technologies and for specialised activities. Its basic production capacities include large workshop-maintenance and storage premises, a stock of vehicles, extensive with regard to both numbers and kinds - trucks, special earthwork machinery, machinery for handling of heavy loads, machinery and appliances for labours executed in the mining way.

These possibilities are supplemented and extended by subsidiary companies, especially by Eurogas a.s. and Hlavní báňská záchranná stanice Praha a.s., through which mining rescue service is operated, which is part of the integrated rescue system as one of its narrowly specialised units.

The company has implemented an integrated management system that includes quality management according to the ČSN EN ISO 9001 norm, environmental management according to ČSN EN ISO 14001 and labour security management in the sense of BSI OHSAS 18001. The company has received a certificate enabling it to prove that it meets qualification standards for implementation of public orders.

Social role of the company

With regard to the fact that the company is part of a whole, in which it has a certain social role, and from this resulting moral obligation to the families of its employees, but also to the other inhabitants of the regions, in which it executes its commercial activities. Therefore, the company sponsors cultural, sports and educational events. For the second year, Energie - stavební a báňská a.s. is a sponsor of the underground engineering section of the international symposium mining Příbram in Science and Engineering. With its contributions, the company helps to inform the public about positive asset of the mining business for further development of human civilisation and presents the most interesting examples of utilization of mining activities in modern building industry.

Popular concerts of the Mining choir are held for business partners and company employers every year.

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Kolektor Hlávkův most
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